4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Young Farmer's Challenge 

2023 YFC Results 

This year's YFC challenges saw a crowd of local outdoor enthusiasts try their hands at donning wet weather gear, reeling in a strip grazing line, calculating drench, egg collecting relay, matching the grapes to the wine and carrying hay bales. Thanks to all those that got involved and gave it a go and congratulations to the successful teams! 


1st - "Legendairy Farmers"

Sammy Spark

Mike Van Diggelen

Locke DeGaris

Bridget Lowe

2nd - "The Working Dogs"

Renee Thompson

Gabbie Thompson

Brigitte Pattinson

Douglas Ward

3rd - "Under Duress"

Manon Peters

Heidi Farrer

Joe Cass

Matt Taylor

Calf Rearer Encouragement Award - "The City Slickers"

Hannah Beiers

Matthew Jarman

Josh Sutton

Ella Spiby / Mariel Beiers

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