4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Silage Quality Competition

2023 Contact for Silage Comp

Scott Atkinson 0436 344 712


2021 Results

Comments from judge Dave Huggins: 

The overall winner was from Wendy Whelan with her entry from Paddock 16 – Rye Silage.

The ryegrass silage was the best entry that the show received and was a clear winner in the event. The silage tested as follows;

-DM 48%

- Energy 10.3 ME (MJ/kgDM)

- NDF 53.7%

-Crude Protein 22%

-ADF 33%

-Lignin 3.6%

The silage was within acceptable limits for DM/Moisture levels to ensure that good fermentation could take place, the lignin content was below 4% with an ADF of 33% which meant that good compaction would result and a fast fermentation would occur without a lot of DM loss. The energy value calculated at 10.3 ME (MJ/kgDM), which is very good and the silage had a relatively high crude protein content of 22%. All of these attributes resulted in a worthy winner of the Foster Show silage competition for 2021.

Many thanks for your participation from all of our entrants.

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