4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Online Photography Show

We were thrilled to receive 108 entries in this year's online photography competition! Thanks to all those that took the time to enter. Congratulations to all the successful exhibitors, you've done exceptionally well amongst a strong field of competition. 

Special accolades to Gary Beresford who was awarded Best Photo in Show for his black and white entry "Lunatic". 

Pictured to the right are the class winning images. A full slideshow of photography entries is on display at Andos Bakery and Cafe in the main street of Foster so be sure to check them out! 



1st - Brydee Shanks - "Old Trestle Bridge" 

2nd - Brydee Shanks - "My Dusty Boy"


1st - Bec Casey - "Another Day" 

2nd - Fiona Dalgleish - "Space Ships" 

1st - Janice Bate - "My Waking World" 

2nd - Kathryn Hartley - "Colour Among Grey Walls"


1st - Gary Beresford - "Lunatic" 

2nd - Tom Ponsonby - "Presley, 24 hours"

1st - Gary Beresford - "Tuscany in Gippsland" 

2nd - Linda Keagle - "Last Light"


1st - Colin Nicholas - "Venus Bay" 

2nd - Colin Nicholas - "Ripples"