4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Phillipson's Online Sheep Show

Entries accepted from anywhere in Australia, not just South Gippy! 

Entries close 22nd February 2021

A side and rump photo should be provided for each entry. Examples below. 


Club Lamb (Butcher's Choice Award) 

The goal of this competition is to compare carcasses of various sheep and breeds as well as produce objective data to assist producers. During the 'on the hook' stage an experienced butcher will assess individual carcasses. Individual carcasses will be judged on various qualities including carcass weight and size, fat coverage and marbling). Information on each carcase will be used to compare the eating quality.

For this competition animals will NOT be judged 'on the hoof' and NOT be judged as a pen of three as required in a typical 'hoof-to-hooks' competition. Single lamb entries are encouraged but multiples will be accepted. 

1. All sheep must be lambs (born in 2020).
2. All sheep entered must be bred in registered flocks.
3. All sheep entered must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor who enters them.
4. All sheep must have approved NLIS ear tag for identification purposes. 
5. The judge’s decision is final and will not be contended.
6. All exhibitors must be registered flocks with their breeds association. For example: Hampshire Down = Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA), White Suffolk = Australian White Suffolk Association (AWSA).

Lambs will need to be transported to Radfords over a two week period (Week One: 8-11 February and Week Two: 15-18 February). Lamb carcasses will then be transported to Craig Young's Butchery in Mirboo North where they will be judged. Following judging, all lambs will be prepared in meat trays as standard cuts. The cost of slaughtering, transport and butchering will total $100/carcass which is to be paid upon collection from Craig Young's Butchery. 

This competition is limited to 20 lamb entries over a two week period (first in best dressed). Please email Daniel if you intend on entering this competition (fivecrowsestate@gmail.com) so Craig does not have too many lamb carcasses arrive on his doorstep at once! 

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