4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

On Farm Beef Challenge

Champion Pen of Cattle

PTIC cows - Andrew Nicoll, Fish Creek

Reserve Champion Pen of Cattle

Weaner Heifers - Andrew Nicoll, Fish Creek

Class Results

1st - Andrew Nicoll - composite

2nd - Louise Breen - Angus

3rd - Rick Bowron - Angus

4th - Andrew Nicoll - Composite

5th - Rick Bowron - Red Angus

1st - Brad Gale - composite

2nd - Louise Breen - Angus

1st - John & Elizabeth Keogh - Angus x Friesian

2nd - Barry Svenson - Angus

1st - Andrew Nicoll - black composite

2nd - Andrew Nicoll - red composite 

3rd - Louise Breen - Angus

1st - Julie Nicoll - Speckle Park

2nd - Louise Breen - Angus

Many thanks to...

Thanks to all our exhibitors for being part of the Inaugural On Farm Beef Challenge, Alkira Riley who stewarded enthusiastically and David Jerram who enjoyed visiting the participating enterprises during judging. 

Generously sponsored by...