4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Exhibit Shed Results

Best Exhibit - Junior

Best Exhibit - Adult

Best Exhibit - Senior 75+

Allison Edge - Koala Painting

Michelle Sait-Bennet

White Peach & Raspberry Jam

Michael Hawkey - Striped Beanie

Garden & Farm Produce

Home Produce

VAS Competitions

Biggest Zucchini 

1st - Muriel Gilheany 58cm

2nd - Delilah Knee 53cm

Interesting/Unusual Item of Garden Produce

1st - Sharee Collier's carrot

2nd - Denia Gilheany's purple beans 

Best Dressed Carrot

1st - Emily Kennedy 

2nd - Sammy Spark

Jams, Preserves and Sauces

Any Marmalade

1st - Denia Gilheany

2nd - Jill Neil

Any Jam

1st - Michelle Sait-Bennet's Raspberry and White Peach Jam

2nd - Rae Knee's Blackberry Jam

Any Sauce 

1st - Cathey Visscher's Plum Sauce

2nd - Bev Tyers' Tomato Sauce

Any Pickle

1st - Cathey Visscher's Green Tomato Pickles

2nd - Michael Hawkey

Highly Commended - Neil Perry

Cut Flowers & Pot Plants 

One Rose

1st - Jane Millard

2nd - Jane Millard

Highly Commended - Cindy Knee

Any other flower

1st - Kate Crowl

Container of Flowers

1st - Kate Crowl

Container of Natives

1st - Sharee Collier

Indoor Foliage Plant

1st - Rae Knee

Pot Plant in Bloom 

1st - Carol Bennett

2nd - Rae Knee

Cactus or Succulent 

1st - Kate Crowl

2nd - Bev Tyers

Highly Commended - Bev Tyers

Hanging Basket 

1st - Bev Tyers

2nd - Rae Knee

4 Plain Scones - Junior

1st Lexi Knee

4 Sausage Rolls - Adult

1st - Bev Tyers

2nd - Val Young

Boiled Fruitcake - Adult 

1st - Val Young


Something Representing Australia - Adult 

1st - Sharee Collier 

2nd - Cathey Visscher

Something Representing Australia - Junior

1st - Allison Edge - koala painting 

Highly Commended - Allison Edge - crab

Crochet & Knitting

A Striped Item - Open

1st - Kathryn Hartley

2nd - Kathryn Hartley

Highly Commended - Kath Atkinson

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A Striped Item - Seniors 75+

1st - Michael Hawkey

VAS Rich Fruitcake

1st - Carol Bennett 

2nd - Rae Knee

Highly Commended - Jan Best 

VAS Carrot Cake (un-iced)

1st - Grace Gilheany 

2nd - Val Young

VAS Sewing 

1st - Natasha Wakeling 

VAS Patchwork

1st - Natasha Wakeling 

2nd - Natasha Wakeling


One decorative, any size

1st - Gary Kipps

2nd - Denia Gilheany

Highly commended - Gary Kipps

Highly commended - Carol Bennett

One cactus, any size 

1st - Carol Bennett

2nd - Denia Gilheany

Container of Mixed Dahlias

1st - Gary Kipps

2nd - Gary Kipps

Highly Commended - Denia Gilheany

Floral Art 

Floral Arrangement