4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

Exhibit Shed

We're excited to be back in person for the 2022 Show! Our exhibit shed interior has had a makeover and we look forward to displaying all your entries in this clean, fresh space. Now's the time to start planning your entries whether it be craft or preserves or perfecting your fruitcake recipe ;) Old favourites are back in 2022, along with some new competitions including a Compost Competition (Section M) and generous prizes for the Best ANZAC Biscuit Exhibit (Section O) and the Best Flanders Poppy (Section Q) sponsored by the Foster RSL. 

Some inspiration for your 2022 Exhibit shed entries - 2021 Results 

Best Exhibit - Junior

Best Exhibit - Adult

Best Exhibit - Senior 75+

Allison Edge - Koala Painting

Michelle Sait-Bennet

White Peach & Raspberry Jam

Michael Hawkey - Striped Beanie

Garden & Farm Produce

Home Produce

VAS Competitions

Biggest Zucchini 

1st - Muriel Gilheany 58cm

2nd - Delilah Knee 53cm

Interesting/Unusual Item of Garden Produce

1st - Sharee Collier's carrot

2nd - Denia Gilheany's purple beans 

Best Dressed Carrot

1st - Emily Kennedy 

2nd - Sammy Spark

Jams, Preserves and Sauces

Any Marmalade

1st - Denia Gilheany

2nd - Jill Neil

Any Jam

1st - Michelle Sait-Bennet's Raspberry and White Peach Jam

2nd - Rae Knee's Blackberry Jam

Any Sauce 

1st - Cathey Visscher's Plum Sauce

2nd - Bev Tyers' Tomato Sauce

Any Pickle

1st - Cathey Visscher's Green Tomato Pickles

2nd - Michael Hawkey

Highly Commended - Neil Perry

Cut Flowers & Pot Plants 

One Rose

1st - Jane Millard

2nd - Jane Millard

Highly Commended - Cindy Knee

Any other flower

1st - Kate Crowl

Container of Flowers

1st - Kate Crowl

Container of Natives

1st - Sharee Collier

Indoor Foliage Plant

1st - Rae Knee

Pot Plant in Bloom 

1st - Carol Bennett

2nd - Rae Knee

Cactus or Succulent 

1st - Kate Crowl

2nd - Bev Tyers

Highly Commended - Bev Tyers

Hanging Basket 

1st - Bev Tyers

2nd - Rae Knee

4 Plain Scones - Junior

1st Lexi Knee

4 Sausage Rolls - Adult

1st - Bev Tyers

2nd - Val Young

Boiled Fruitcake - Adult 

1st - Val Young


Something Representing Australia - Adult 

1st - Sharee Collier 

2nd - Cathey Visscher

Something Representing Australia - Junior

1st - Allison Edge - koala painting 

Highly Commended - Allison Edge - crab

Crochet & Knitting

A Striped Item - Open

1st - Kathryn Hartley

2nd - Kathryn Hartley

Highly Commended - Kath Atkinson

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A Striped Item - Seniors 75+

1st - Michael Hawkey

VAS Rich Fruitcake

1st - Carol Bennett 

2nd - Rae Knee

Highly Commended - Jan Best 

VAS Carrot Cake (un-iced)

1st - Grace Gilheany 

2nd - Val Young

VAS Sewing 

1st - Natasha Wakeling 

VAS Patchwork

1st - Natasha Wakeling 

2nd - Natasha Wakeling


One decorative, any size

1st - Gary Kipps

2nd - Denia Gilheany

Highly commended - Gary Kipps

Highly commended - Carol Bennett

One cactus, any size 

1st - Carol Bennett

2nd - Denia Gilheany

Container of Mixed Dahlias

1st - Gary Kipps

2nd - Gary Kipps

Highly Commended - Denia Gilheany

Floral Art 

Floral Arrangement