4th Saturday in February 

Foster & District
Agricultural Show

4th Saturday in February

On Farm Commercial Dairy Cow Challenge

Judged by Matt DeCicco

There was a strong selection of cows entered into this years competition, with the 5-6 year old class having the largest number of entries. A 6 year old cow  (Paula) owner by A&J Harrison of Nerrena was crowned the winner of this class as well as the  overall champion. Paula exhibited a superb balance of strength,  style and functionality. She had tremendous width and openness through her muzzle, chest and rib, which  carried through to her impressive udder, strong rump and correct feet and leg set.

The emphasis was on functional cows that are built to last and endure the more often then not testing pasture based conditions of South Gippsland.
Cows  with strong udder attachments,  adequate dairy strength and width, good pitch to their loin and importantly sound feet and legs to ensure the ability to walk long distances on a daily basis, placed favourably.

The reserve champion cow was owned by the Jones family of Foster for a super uddered 5yr old cow and an honourable mention to a powerful 4 yr old Jersey cow (5216) from the Boyd’s of Foster who won her class.

Prizes available for collection from the Foster RSL on Wednesday 3rd March between 11am and 1pm. We will endeavour to distribute unclaimed prizes in a timely manner. 

2021 Champion Commercial Dairy Cow

Paula exhibited by A & J Harrison, Nerrena

2021 Champion B.P.I Cow and Reserve Champion Commerical Dairy Cow

R12 exhibited by the Jones Family, Foster

Class Results 

1st Rowena – A & J Harrison, Nerrena
2nd 5587 – Boyd Family, Foster

3rd 2250 – W. Whelan, Toora

4th 1838 – C. Ballagh & A. Cosby, Leongatha South
5th 6078 – Jones Family, Foster
1st 912 – I & J Round, Welshpool
2nd 978 – I & J Round, Welshpool
3rd 5400 – Boyd Family, Foster
4th Regan – A & J Harrison, Nerrena
5th 9002 – G & J Cope, Waratah North
1st 5216 – Boyd Family, Foster
2nd Pearl – A & J Harrison, Nerrena
3rd 952 – W. Whelan, Toora
4th 871 – I & J Round, Welshpool
5th 3729 – C. Ballagh & A. Cosby, Leongatha South
1st Paula – A & J Harrison, Nerrena
2nd R12 – Jones Family, Foster

3rd Roxy - Jones Family, Foster

4th 4824 – Boyd Family, Foster
5th 3933 – G. Cope, Waratah North
1st 450 (8yo) – I & J Round
2nd Pippa (9yo) – A & J Harrison, Nerrena
3rd 3796 (7yo) – G & J Cope, Waratah North
4th 667 (7yo) – C. Ballagh & A. Cosby, Leongatha South
5th 672 – W. Whelan, Toora

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